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St. Patrick’s Day is a huge holiday here at Holy Cross. Everyone on campus gets really excited for this day and mostly everyone goes out in some way or another. It’s almost like St. Patrick’s day is a mini spring weekend here at HC, i wish there was more than one.

You see everyone decked out in green apparel, there’s Irish music blaring from every dorm on campus. My friends and i woke up for an Irish breakfast and then we had a get together in the senior apartments. This year there was a big carnival in the Kimball quad with music, free food, and sunglasses. Eventually we made our way off campus where there was a bunch of people hanging out and socializing. Everyone also always goes to the St. Patrick’s day dinner in Kimball, it gets packed!! There’s corn bread, green rice krispie treats, corned beef and hash.. to put it simply one of the best dinners of the year. After that students continue the festivities into the night.

Heres’s a silly pic of me and my friends (as you can see its a fun holiday lol!)

Hi guys,

So i just got back to school from spring break. For spring break students at Holy Cross do a few different things. Some students go home, other students participate in the Appalachia service trips. If you are a senior you are likely going on a senior class spring break trip with your friends. Punta Cana has been really popular with the seniors the past few years.

As for me I did something slightly different. I wen to LONDON and PARIS! It was amazing!! It was my first time ever in the UK/Europe and I saw so many incredible lank marks and sites. I visited Wesminster Abbey, Buckingham, Eiffel Tower, The Lourve, The National Gallery, and tons of other places.

Paris looked like I was transported into a renaissance and London looked like a fusion of parts of Boston and NYC of course with the royal monarchy everywhere! I’d have to say my favorite parts of the trip were definitely visiting Westminster and The National Gallery (a painting gallery). I know it sounds kind of dorky but being at Holy Cross, I had such an interest in the historical and cultural history of these places.

In the National Gallery, I saw the actual paintings of the artists I am studying in my Italian art history class. I also saw the tomb of Shakespeare and many kings in Westminster, which I have learned about through my Studies in World Lit major.

The trip was a huge success enjoy the pics!

Buckingham Palace

Hi everyone!

I have to do a post today because I wanted to tell you about my week. I have to say this week might be one of my favorite weeks so far this year! Nothing monumental has happened, but a bunch of little things have happened adding up to one really memorable week.

First off, I got an A on my first paper for my Death and Seduction course. I was pleasantly surprised. Dance class this week was also pretty fun. I’m really starting to let loose and I’m getting over my fear of preforming dances. I had to do a solo for my class and I remembered every part. Some people forgot theirs (oops!). I also discovered I’m a better drawer when I don’t look at the page. Who knew? Maybe this new technique is my calling.

I’ve also been making some headway in my internship search. I heard back from two companies on the same day! One was for an event marketing position at The Boston Event Guide, and the other was for a social media and SEO position at Wordstream in Boston. What exactly is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is basically a fancy way of saying let’s add search value to a webpage (through things like keywords). I’m going into Boston next week for some interviews. I’m really excited and confident, especially with the Alumni Mock Interview event I went to last week!

My friends and I have also hung out a ton this week. I’ve been doing some major bonding with my roomies for next year. Hockey games, going out to the bars, a Safari themed party, hitting up Starbucks before the library. Tonight we are going to a toga party!!

I should probably work on making that toga!

Hello everyone!

I’ve been doing a ton of things these past few weeks. I figured i might share some of them with you =]

1. I went to an Alumni Mock Interview event hosted by Career Planning. I am so glad I attended this event! I got to practice my interviewing skills with two Holy Cross alumni in the marketing field and they gave me some great feedback. Not only did i brush up on my interviewing skills, but i did some networking and got some new leads for a summer internship. Lets hope they pull through!

2. I’ve drawn my first nude model ever (in Fundamentals of Drawing). I’ve never really drawn a human before, never mind a full figur edoing different poses, body parts and all. Surprisingly I wasn’t as bad as i thought, and the experience wasn’t as awkward as you’d imagine. It definitely opened my mind to new ways of seeing things…literally!

3. I took a field trip to the Worcester Art Museum for my art history course. I’ve been to the WAM before, but i think its a great resource for us HC students. We sometimes forget that its actually a highly regarded museum!

4. I went to the Holy Cross basketball game vs. Bucknell this past Saturday. The games are always fun, but this game was AMAZING. We won 54-52 with a final basket with three seconds left in the game. You can definitely say we were bleeding purple after the game!

5. For my best friends 22nd birthday a group of my girlfriends and I went to Mezcal to celebrate. Mezcal is a great mexican restaurant on Shrewsbury Street. I definitely recommend it!

Anyways, I just wanted to share a little bit of what I’ve been doing. Now its back to working on some internship and tour guide applications!


Hi guys!

So its the second semester of my junior year and I’m going to dub this semester “The Semester of Firsts.” Each semester is different, but this one is special for a few reasons in particular.

I am trying a ton of new things semester, mainly my FIRST time taking an art course, my first ever dance class (in my life), and my first leadership role on an Eboard! I know this semester will definitely open my mind (and body) to new experiences, and I really think i am going to grow by forcing myself to try new things.

It’s a little less than a month into the semester and I can tell you for sure I’ve already done things I’ve never even considered trying before. I painted my first self portrait in Fundamentals of Drawing and I have to say it didn’t come out half bad. I was pleasantly surprised. Right now we are currently working with cut outs and the idea of noton, that is your eyes flipping between the black and white shapes, its kind of like an optical illusion.

my cut outs and sketch book!

Basic Dance is pretty interesting too, to say the least!! Wow, on the first day of class we were practicing the five positions in ballet and learning a modern dance sequence. My body has moved in ways it has never moved before, hello pretzel twist turn! Dance has already started to improve my confidence and fear of stage fright, which will definitely help me with my public speaking. The other day we had to perform a court ballet sequence (think 14th century Europe and women in huge dresses at balls) on the steps of Dinand. This sounds pretty normal right, just performing a dance for our classmates on the library steps? Oh no. We had to do this dance as 11:50 right as everyone was going to and from their 11 and 12 o’clock classes! EVERYONE passes by the library and people were definitely staring at us. I even got a few texts from my friends saying the saw me dancing!

On another note, I have officially started my position on the Admissions Outreach Eboard. This means that four other students along with myself will have firsthand input and decision making power to influence all of our programs for prospective students. I’ve already held training sessions for new Outreach program members and have talked in front of the entire Outreach team, that is all the students who volunteer in Admissions with me! Hello responsibility. I can’t wait to start improving the open houses, greeting sessions, and online chats for all prospective students looking at Holy Cross! Do you guys have any suggestions? =D

Anyways these are just a few of the new things I’ve begun to embark upon this semester. I can’t wait to share more with you guys soon. Can’t believe this is my final semester before senior year! (eek!)


So I’ve decided I’m going to try a new feature on my blog to help you guys get to know Worcester a little better, I swear its not scary! So every time i go to a new restaurant or venue I’m going to blog about it to give you a better idea of what its like in the city outside the gates of Holy Cross!

It’s the first week back at school, I’ll do a post about that soon, but I have to tell you I’ve already been to Wooberry TWICE in the first week back! Woo Berry is amazing!

Wooberry is about a ten minute drive from HC located right next to the Sole Proprietor, a popular seafood restaurant. Wooberry is comparable to Pinkberry or other fro-yo places, but better in MANY ways and heres why:

1. Wooberry gives huge portion toppings, nothing like the measly toppings at Pinkberry.

2. Wooberry has fun flavors that change daily. Hello Nutella, Mango, and Blueberry fro-yo.

3. There is always a free topping and rainbow sprinkles are always free 🙂

4. Wooberry has almost every topping possible, way more than the average healthy fruit toppings. From cheesecake bites and Golden Grahams to cookie dough and boba (the bubbles in bubble tea!).

My friends and I went last week and i got original flavor with bananas, heath bar, and cheesecake bites. I think it was my favorite combo yet.

Go to Wooberry and check it out yourself =D

Hi guys,

Merry Christmas everyone! So I’ve been home for about a week now, made it through finals, enjoying the holidays. Hope you guys had a great Christmas with you families!

So finals weren’t as bad as i thought. Grades come in a few days after the last finals day, I actually managed to up my GPA. Yay!

For the holidays we had a Christmas brunch with my mom’s side of the family a few days before Christmas. Normally we do dinner, so this was a first. The brunch was a ton of fun, i think i ate myself into a breakfast food coma. For Christmas Eve i went to my grandma’s house on my dad’s side. All of my family lives within the same three towns so all my cousins, and aunts/uncles were there. Of course we got presents but I’m lucky enough just having all my family around me, it’s hard to find that these days.

So now its post Christmas and almost New Years. You know what that means..internship time!! I’m in the HC Summer Internship Program (SIP) but I’m also planning on applying to a bunch on my own outside the program. There’s one i really want at the marketing/advertising firm Hill Holliday in Boston. Wish me luck applying!

Besides that I’ll just be hanging out at home, hopefully visit a few HC friends soon. I’ll keep you posted!


Hi guys,

So it’s almost Christmas break woo!! A whole FIVE weeks long this year.

Here are a few things I plan on doing during break:

-Sleep in my own bed (obviously!)

-Eat non-kimball food

-See my BFFS from home

-Go into Boston

-Visit my grandmas

-Play with my dog

-Apply for internships (already half way thru junior year ahh)

-Go to the gym

-Meet up with HC friends

So as you can see I haven’t got anything too exciting planned. We’re always so busy at HC, it’s nice to come home and just relax!


So every semester enrollment comes around and students begin to shop around the course catalog and find out what HC will be offering for the next semester. Once you get most of your core requirements out of the way, you have time for electives, this is when course selection becomes fun. After you finish your requirements you can pick courses clearly out of interest.

Luckily for me, all of my favorite courses happen to coincide with my Studies in World Literatures major. I can take courses of interest in any department as long as they fit the theme of the literature I am studying (with approval).

The theme of the literature I am studying has a focus on women’s writing, women in literature, and seduction/desire. When I saw the course Cinema and the Second Sex being offered I knew I had to take it.

Cinema and the Second Sex is a film course taught by Prof. Thibaut-Schilt of the French department. Although this is a film course and not a literature course, it still counts for my major as an expanded medium dealing with the representation of women in culture/society.

This course is AMAZING. Each week we watch one film (outside of class) and come prepared to discuss it in class. We only have seven students in our class so there is definitely no hiding and everyone has to participate. This might seem stressful or even annoying to some students, but Prof. Schilt does an amazing job in creating a comfortable environment where our class was more of an intimate and fun discussion rather than an intense and dry Q&A with lecture. I always look forward to going to class for this reason, plus all of the films we watched were thought provoking and interesting! I don’t consider “movie watching” a scholarly activity, but I enjoy this class so much because we  take films (the more cinematic term) and translate them into a fruitful discussion raising important issues of gender, sexuality, and race in an academic setting.

I view movies in a completely different way now that I have taken this course! Instead of merely watching a film as a spectator, I notice the cinematic techniques the director uses to communicate the film’s message. This course has definitely given me a heightened sense of perception and viewing. Now that I can view films in new ways (and from multiple perspectives), i can take this skill/knowledge and apply it to the literature I read in my major.

BEHOLD! The beauty of a liberal arts education. Instead of focusing on one discipline or major, the liberal arts education exposes students to a variety of ideas, ways of thought, and thinking. Now that I have taken Cinema and the Second Sex, I can add another critical lens to my repertoire and view literature in yet another new way!

A liberal arts education allows students to become familiar and well versed in many disciplines. Students can then take this knowledge and the skills they learn and apply them to enhance any situation they encounter in life. Pretty useful right? I’d say so!


Hi guys!

Things have been going pretty well lately, its almost time for Thanksgiving break and I am excited! As usual this semester has been busy, so it will be nice to go home and see my family (given that I basically only go home on breaks!)

Aside from my normal blog postings about my life here at Holy Cross, I figured I’d do a different type of post today and let you guys in on a few HC secrets (things that they don’t tell you on the tour). This way you can find out what its really like to be a Holy Cross student.

hmm where to begin?

The Campion House (Religious services) has fresh baked cookies and ice cream for students at any time. Woo!

Every Tuesday HC has sushi delivered to campus from a local place in Worcester, so good.

The Hart gym is for intense gym rats, the Loyola gym is the “girly” (cardio) gym.

Having you family come up to tailgate the football games (with your friends and their families) might be one of the best Holy Cross past times.

There are legends about the Fenwick Towers being haunted.

The mac and cheese in Kimball is AMAZING.

HC has one of the highest alumni marriage rates!! There’s supposedly a waiting list for the Chapel.

HC does have a difficult workload (but do-able)

During December we have free hot chocolate, gift wrapping, and the Holiday Shopping Bazaar in Hogan.

Teachers are MORE than willing to help you, you just need to ask.

The street outside the freshman/sophomore dorms is called Easy Street because its the only flat street on campus.

The Writer’s Workshop in Dinand is actually really helpful, AND your teacher gets notified you’ve attended.

Kimball is the best for people watching, especially during all the holiday feasts.

You will get killer quads from walking on this campus!!

Wow i could go on and on about all of the cool and quirky things here at Holy Cross. I guess the only way you’ll ever really get to find out is if you’re accepted! Best of luck to those students applying and those students interested!


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