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Hi everyone,

I know I’ve done tons of posts about my classes, what I do on the weekends, etc., but I don’t think I’ve ever given a snapshot of what a normal day consists of at Holy Cross. They’re pretty busy between classes, homework, and meeting up with friends so I figured I’d share a typical day with you!

I prefer to have my classes in the afternoon, so i can head to the Hart Center in the morning for a workout. Usually I’ll wake up around 9:00, or earlier, depending on how much work I have that week. After a ten minute walk to the Hart Center, I get in my work out and head back to Williams to shower. Lucky for me as a senior I get my own bathroom :).

After getting ready, I typically check my email. All the clubs/organizations send TONS of emails about events, concerts, and things happening around campus. It’s a great way to find activities for my friends and I around campus. As a senior, I recently signed up for a beer tasting in The Pub!

Then I’ll catch up on a bit of homework or tie up any loose ends before my first class. I’ve had a similar schedule every semester so I head towards Stein (the humanities building) for my lit. class, which is currently Women’s Writing this semester. I have Prof. Schmitz-Burgard of the German department, who happens to be one of my favorite professors on campus. My class, and most english/lit. classes, consist of open discussion. No hiding in this class, my class has only eight students!

After class I’ll either head towards Hogan for a Cool Beans Coffee, to the library, or back to my room to see my roomies and catch up on my work there. Now that I’m a senior I like to head back towards Williams because I have my own space.

Dinner is definitely one of the most social times on campus, especially if you head to Kimball or Crossroads. Its a time not only to eat, but to see everyone else in the same place at the same time. I like to head to Crossroads since I have a bunch of dining dollars to spend. Yay for flatbread pizzas. They recently added a ton of new topping choices, which have been really popular.

If I have any meetings such as for the Admissions Outreach Eboard, for The Agency marketing club, or to meet with a group, its typically before or after dinner.

After dinner I’ll do some homework and take a study break around 9:00. My roommates and I love heading to Hogan for some candy in the lobby shop. Plus, we love seeing Sarah who works in the lobby shops. She’s our fav :). After that its back to homework and bed around midnight. And when I say homework, I don’t mean boring, stuck in a cubicle, hating my life homework. Unless you have a big paper or exam, homework is definitely serious but at the same time casual. My friends and I do homework together at a big table in the library, or with some music in the apartments. It can be pretty fun, sometimes we get a little too silly, esp when we’re not in the library.

While this is a more broad overview of my day, I plan on doing a fun post of some activities I’ve done this semester soon!


Hi Everyone!

So this past weekend my two roommates and I headed to Feng’s, an asian restaurant located in the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley. Feng’s has become one of my favorite restaurants in Worcester so I’ve been wanting to share my experience with you!

Feng’s is located in Blackstone Valley, a shopping and dining destination located about five minutes from Holy Cross. Blackstone is popular with tons of HC students on the weekends because it has so much to offer! Blackstone has a little of everything including a Target for food/dorm necessities and stores like Marshalls, American Eagle, Old Navy, and Sephora. There’s also a movie theatre, Cold Stone ice cream, and tons of restaurants with Feng’s being my favorite.

Feng’s just opened last year and has become popular with Holy Cross students, especially for birthdays and celebrations. A lot of times people will get a group together and celebrate a birthday at Feng’s because they have awesome Hibachi dinners where the chef puts on a show and cooks in front of you.

Personally, I enjoy Feng’s for the sushi! My roomies and I went to Feng’s to celebrate the beginning of senior year and we had a great time! Feng’s has amazing sushi at really cheap prices. What’s also nice is that Feng’s has specialty rolls that are out of this world! Here are some pics as proof!

This weekend my friends and I also attended the first home football game! The home side of the stands was completely filled with students! We definitely have purple pride.

So its about two weeks into my senior year, and it has been crazy fun!

Now that I’m a senior I don’t have to worry about adjusting to campus or any of that stuff like a freshman. It feels good to come back to campus knowing what to expect and to celebrate my last year at HC. (Its slightly sad too, but I know HC has prepared me for a great future.)

My roomies and I have been LOVING the apartment life, its so different than a dorm. Its like we have our own little home, with awesome neighbors. All my close friends live in my hall so we’re constantly in and out of each others rooms, and on the weekends this leads to lots of hanging out and parties. It’s been great so far and we’re really trying to make the most of every weekend here.

As for classes, I’m taking two art classes, a literature course, and my entrepreneurship course. My printmaking art class has surprised me. Using a printing press is unlike anything I’ve done before and I love the artwork I’ve been making in the class. I enjoy this class much more than my drawing class last semester.

My workload has been pretty relaxed so far, but then again I’ve become an expert with time management. I’m a little worried between my internship, classes, tour guide position, and Admissions volunteering, but I know I’ll be able to manage it all. As stressful as everything gets, I always manage to get through (as does every other HC student)

Enough about the stress and work load though :). I’m here to celebrate senior year. Get ready for some awesome posts!

Hi Guys!

I’ve been loving Boston and I just finished up my internship at Mullen. So much has happened this summer and I know senior year is going to be amazing. I figured I’d take some time now to do a quick post and let you know how my summer went and what I’m looking forward to returning to HC!

Overall I could not be more happy with my summer internship experience and living in Boston. Not only did I get great experience for my resume, but I made great networking contacts, and got to experience all that Boston has to offer. Going back to Worcester I will definitely miss Newbury St., walking around the Fens (near Fenway), and strolling down the seaport during my lunch breaks at Mullen. Once I graduate I hope I’ll be back in the city!

Anyways, now back onto HC. I know this sounds cliche, but I can’t believe how fast time has flown by at Holy Cross. I feel like it was just yesterday I was moving into Mulledy as a freshman. As a senior, I can’t wait to live in Williams (the senior apartments) and have my own kitchen and living room. Hopefully my roomies and I will be doing lots of cooking and baking with our kitchen.

Senior year also means senior specific events. Hello Senior Ball, Hundred Days Ball, and Senior Week. From my friends who have recently graduated, I hear these events have made some of their best memories.

Class wise, I’m particularly looking forward to my Academic Internship class entitled Entrepreneurship with Prof. Chu (of the Pre-Business dept). Although this course will be a lot of work with an internship in addition to normal class, I am super pumped for my internship placement. I’ll be working with alumni Martha Sullivan, who i met at a networking event in Boston this past spring, helping her out with her marketing and communications firm Sullivan Communications. Martha’s clients are mainly restaurants, so paired with my marketing interest and family restaurant background, I know its going to be an awesome experience.

Now that I’ve written this post, I think its time for me to start packing up for HC.

Be in touch soon guys!


Hey ya’ll!!

So it is officially SUMMER and I could not be more excited! I landed my dream internship at Mullen advertising and I am a little more than half way done with my internship. I live full time in Boston with my best friend and work full time (40 hours a week).

This is not the typical let’s sleep until 12:00, go to the beach, and lounge around all day type of summer. This is a crazy, on the go, and hard working summer. But, this is the summer I exactly wanted, and I could not be more happy.

While I did work in Boston last summer, well outside of Boston, this summer is more than I could have ever imagined. I worked so hard for this internship, to find an apartment, and live with all my friends in the city (HC and close Boston friends).

I applied to over 15 internships, was picked as one of 34 out of 1300 at Mullen, and sent out zillions of emails for an apartment on Craigslist. Thank god i found one with central AC!

Anyways, I work in the financial district and I LOVE it. I work as a digital media planning intern at Mullen and I get to work on SO many cool clients, such as Jet Blue, Fage yogurt, and Benjamin Moore. To put it simply, my team helps companies distribute content and advertising on all digital media platforms (social media, tablets, mobile, websites). What i like so much about this internship is that I feel fully integrated into the Mullen culture. Besides learning about the workings of an advertising firm and about digital marketing, most of all I have learned to be hungry, be passionate, always ask why, push myself further, and want MORE.

All i have to say is Holy Cross you better watch out for me senior year.

From a social standpoint Boston is simply AHHmazing. I mean, I work right by Fanueil Hall, and live by the MFA, Prudential, and Fenway. Boston has TONS of great restaraunts. I think I honestly could have plans every single night of the week if I wanted to. From bars, to shopping on Newbury St., trying out new sushi bars with my roomie, and beach days in Southie, I’m pretty sure im one of the luckiest girls out there because not only do I live in the city with a great job, but I have actual friends who live here too. I don’t feel lost or homesick at all (although I do miss my family and dog).

At a decentralized dance party in the streets of Boston! (a moving dance party)

Anyways this was just a quick check in to keep in touch with everyone, can’t wait to get back on the full time blogging bandwagon when I get back to HC senior year!


Now that Spring Weekend is over and finals week is upon us, I figured I’d take some time to reflect upon my junior year. I’ve come a long way since being a little freshman on campus. Maybe its because I’m about to be a senior and enter the real world, but I’ve definitely experienced the most personal growth this year. This year has also been the most fun, each year seems to consecutively become more fun (yes it is possible).

I think I’d like to track my growth at HC for you, so you can get a better idea of how I’ve ended up to be the person I am today!

-Freshman year= shy and less confidant tadpole swimming in a big Holy Cross ocean.

So freshman year is obviously a year of transition and adjustment. Everything is new, it just takes energy to get used to the college lifestyle and make friends! While freshman year was definitely a blast, it was the foundation for everything to come the next four years. I made some friends, started on finding out my interests, considered my major, joined a few clubs.

-Sophomore year= a frog in a medium sized pond

It felt so great coming back to Holy Cross sophomore year already knowing the campus and having friends. Sophomore year i was able to hit the ground running and take advantage of more things Holy Cross had to offer. I explored Worcester more, connected personally with my professors, became more involved in Admissions. I’d say sophomore year was when my friends and I really became true friends.

-Junior year= the biggest fish (in the same pond)

Junior year was amazing. By junior year you know tons of people on campus, my friends and I all turned 21, I felt like the campus (and the world) was at my fingertips. I always had something social to do, whether it be a party, hanging out, heading into Boston, or working on an event for a club. My mindset changed junior year. I kind of got over the party, party, party mentality and focused more on enriching my personal life at Holy Cross. I took courses I really enjoyed. From dance to Death and Seduction, I hand picked courses I knew i would love (by junior year you get good at that). I also further pursed my interests in Admissions and the Pre-Business program. I became a member of the Admissions Outreach Eboard, which was one of the best experiences I’ve had at HC thus far. I was able to really make a postitive difference in our outreach to perspective students and gain a larger leadership role. Another highlight was a Boston networking event with Alumni in the fields of marketing, advertising, and communications. Going into Boston for the event made me hopeful that I would one day be working in that city as a fellow HC grad.

Besides all of this, I think junior year I really just learned to take a step back and appreciate everything Holy Cross has given me. Freshman year is just a whirlwind, and sophomore year you are still running off that high. Junior year is more real, slightly more serious, but definitely my favorite year so far.

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for my senior year at Holy Cross!

Talk to you all soon!


Hello everyone!

So the glorious Spring Weekend finally arrived at Holy Cross. This is definitely the one weekend everyone marks off on their Holy Cross calender and clears their entire schedule to dedicate themselves to all the festivities around campus.

This year in particular I feel like Holy Cross had a ton of events going on so I’m going to name a few. Pig roast, beer garden, TIMEFLIES concert, Easy Street Carnival (complete with a petting zoo), Kimball quad (with fried dough and  bounce houses), Girl Talk and Big Gigantic (the official spring concert), soap box derby, and parties in every dorm on campus.

So basically, everyone comes out for one last week of fun right before dreaded finals week. Spring Weekend is the highlight of our social calendar, especially because ecause we study endlessly in Dinand during finals week. People get aggressive in the library claiming cubicles!

Anyways I’m going to agree with the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some pics 🙂 Enjoii!!!

Battle of the Bands

Girl Talk

Girl Talk finale


So after the long and freezing cold winters on the Hill in Worcester, we are treated by springtime. The spring is everyone’s favorite time on campus. Holy Cross transforms from a winter wonderland (or wasteland if you prefer) into a blossoming and energetic campus.

One of the best parts of this season change is the flowers on campus. The campus completely explodes with color around March/April as it warms up. We have tons of cherry blossom trees and purple flowers. Here’s an amazing bush outside of my dorm, Loyola. I had to take a picture because I can’t get over the bright pink colors in this bush!

This picture definitely sums up Holy Cross in the spring. Everyone and everything comes out of hiding. Girls love to lay out on beach towels and do homework and guys can be seen longboarding outside of Loyola/Williams. Easy St. quickly becomes the hang out place for lacrosse, KanJam, and frisbee, and you can tweet even @HChoval for song requests in the new Hogan Oval (hoval). Everyone is outside when its sunny and warm out, you’ll hardly find anyone in the library.

Just figured I’d share a little bit with you about my favorite season at Holy Cross!

I’ve been working in Admissions since my freshman year at Holy Cross. Each year I’ve become more involved with the Admissions office from being a greeter to now being a member of the Outreach Executive Board recently accepted as a tour guide and possibly a senior interviewer.

I’ve done a ton of planning with the Outreach Eboard and the Admissions faculty to help make this open house (on April 22) the best yet. Its not just an open house, its campus wide lets celebrate Holy Cross day. Every accepted student interested in Holy Cross should definitely come!

Incase you are having a hard time deciding on whether or not to pick Holy Cross, heres a little bit of my reasoning when i was a perspective student and what I have learned since being a student here!

The reasons I chose Holy Cross (as a perspective student myself):

-great alumni connections for possible jobs

-the academics are rigorous and respected

-the small school size (under 3,000)

-the location in Worcester: 40 minutes from my home, Boston, and Providence

Now that I have attended Holy Cross for 3 years I can say Holy Cross has exceeded my expectations in EVERY SINGLE WAY possible!! Here is what I love about HC now:

-the small school size is the perfect amount of students. You see familiar faces, but you do not know everyone

-school spirit on this campus is amazing. Everyone is super friendly. I always meet new friends at sporting events, cultural nights, in the Hogan center.

-the pre-business program: HC has afforded me the opportunity to have three internships!! This summer I am on to my dream internship at the marketing firm Mullen in Boston. Mullen accepted me out of 1000 applicants!!

-the small class size means individual attention from your professors. I can’t stress enough how invaluable this attention is. Makes class so much more enjoyable because you can build an actual relationship with your professor.

Anyways I could go on forever about Holy Cross, but I’ll keep it short. I can tell you you will not be disappointed if you choose Holy Cross 🙂

Hi guys!

So I wanted to share with you one of the projects I’ve been working on with The Agency. For those of you who don’t know, The Agency is a student run marketing and communications club that I am a part of. We help certain clubs and organizations market events/happenings to the HC community and we also help young alumni with start up companies. We do everything from market research to logo design and campaign creation.

Recently, I signed up to work with The Holy Cross Fund, which seeks to get alumni to donate back to the school. We have one of the highest alumni donation rates in the country! Go HC! So to encourage the alumni to donate a few students, the HC Fund office workers, and myself created the I <3 HC video which was sent out to every single alumni via email/social media.

Check it out! The video has been a huge success thus far and we filmed at over 20 locations on campus. Hard work pays off!

Heres the link:

I <3 HC



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