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St. Patrick’s day= HC tradition

March 28th, 2012 slrond13

St. Patrick’s Day is a huge holiday here at Holy Cross. Everyone on campus gets really excited for this day and mostly everyone goes out in some way or another. It’s almost like St. Patrick’s day is a mini spring weekend here at HC, i wish there was more than one.

You see everyone decked out in green apparel, there’s Irish music blaring from every dorm on campus. My friends and i woke up for an Irish breakfast and then we had a get together in the senior apartments. This year there was a big carnival in the Kimball quad with music, free food, and sunglasses. Eventually we made our way off campus where there was a bunch of people hanging out and socializing. Everyone also always goes to the St. Patrick’s day dinner in Kimball, it gets packed!! There’s corn bread, green rice krispie treats, corned beef and hash.. to put it simply one of the best dinners of the year. After that students continue the festivities into the night.

Heres’s a silly pic of me and my friends (as you can see its a fun holiday lol!)

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