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What’s Worcester Like?

March 15th, 2013 slrond13

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take this post to talk about going to school in Worcester. I feel like some prospective students get the wrong idea about Worcester, it seems to sometimes have a bad rep. After going to school in Worcester for the past four years its definitely not as bad as you may hear, and yes its actually fun. After all Worcester is a college city, there are 12 schools in the Worcester Consortium.

At first Worcester might not appear that inviting, but once you venture into the city you can find some hidden gems. My roommates and I have found some pretty cool spots in Worcester that make for some fun trips off campus. We like to view going into Worcester as a treat, a break from our homework.

First off the most obvious choice is Blackstone Valley. Every student loves Blackstone for its restaurants and shops. In particular, Blackstone has the sushi restaurant Feng’s, which happens to be my favorite in the city. Its not too expensive and they have amazing speciality rolls. There’s also a Marshalls and Banana Republic Factory Store. When I want to do a little shopping I love going to these stores because they’re so budget friendly :). You can always find a Holy Cross girl in Marshalls looking for a cute but affordable “going out shirt.”

Fro-yo is another one of our favorite outings. Worcester has a few different fro-yo places all within ten minutes of Holy Cross. There’s Yo-way, Wooberry, and Berry Fusion. We love going to all of these places, each has their own atmosphere so its fun to visit them.

There are a decent amount of clubs and bars in Worcester too. Holy Cross students like to pick a few places each semester and go there during the week. Its super fun because you basically know everyone in the bar! Personally we love Salty Dog, Blackstone Tap, and Greyhound. All of these bars are located within Kelley Square so you can hop around the bars since they’re all in walking distance of each other. Worcester has also recently gotten a bunch of new clubs I’ve been wanting to check out such as Bar FX, which apparently has cool lights and special effects. Another great thing about going out in Worcester is that you can meet students from other colleges. I’ve become friends with some guys at WPI, its fun to go and visit their campus on the weekend from time to time.

Lastly I’d like to mention the DCU Center. There’s always a cool show or event going on there. Junior year I went to see the DJ Avicci perform there and it was an awesome time. If a show or event is really popular you can usually find a bunch of HC students there.

So this is just a little taste of what life is like in Worcester. I hope I’ve changed your opinion of this city. Crazy weather aside Worcester has some pretty fun things to offer!


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