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February 25th, 2012 slrond13

Hi everyone!

I have to do a post today because I wanted to tell you about my week. I have to say this week might be one of my favorite weeks so far this year! Nothing monumental has happened, but a bunch of little things have happened adding up to one really memorable week.

First off, I got an A on my first paper for my Death and Seduction course. I was pleasantly surprised. Dance class this week was also pretty fun. I’m really starting to let loose and I’m getting over my fear of preforming dances. I had to do a solo for my class and I remembered every part. Some people forgot theirs (oops!). I also discovered I’m a better drawer when I don’t look at the page. Who knew? Maybe this new technique is my calling.

I’ve also been making some headway in my internship search. I heard back from two companies on the same day! One was for an event marketing position at The Boston Event Guide, and the other was for a social media and SEO position at Wordstream in Boston. What exactly is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is basically a fancy way of saying let’s add search value to a webpage (through things like keywords). I’m going into Boston next week for some interviews. I’m really excited and confident, especially with the Alumni Mock Interview event I went to last week!

My friends and I have also hung out a ton this week. I’ve been doing some major bonding with my roomies for next year. Hockey games, going out to the bars, a Safari themed party, hitting up Starbucks before the library. Tonight we are going to a toga party!!

I should probably work on making that toga!

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