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One word: Immersive

March 31st, 2013 slrond13

Hi Guys,

So I’m catching up on some posting, I wish I could ask you all what you would like me to write about. I was once a perspective student, but there are so many things you probably want to know about. You can take a tour, but the tours can’ provide the real experience of what its like to live and learn at Holy Cross.

If I could choose one word to describe life at Holy Cross I would pick the word Immersive. Holy Cross immerses students in every aspect of life with rich and exciting opportunities, and I don’t just mean academically. Well since I mentioned academics, I do have to say HC does some pretty cool things. First off the professors are totally passionate and dedicated to their interests and the classes they teach. Having such dedicated professors really does make class time that much more interesting. I had one religious/visual arts professor who studied Christian art and imagery. I didn’t think I would enjoy the class, looking at religious artifacts, but WOW I was so intrigued in the class, my professor’s personal photos, and the way she described the religious art as if it was something divine to her herself. Holy Cross compliments these passionate teachers with real world study abroad experiences and field trips. I once visited a Christian monastery in NYC. I’ve been to the Harvard Museum of Natural History and visited their rare book collections. One of my best friends studied in Sri Lanka following her passion for other cultures.

Aside from academics the social life is totally immersive. FRIENDS on campus everywhere, hanging out in the Hoval, events with FREE food, the sports games. I know you hear term suitcase school a ton, but Holy Cross really is the opposite of that. Since we work so hard during the weekday, Holy Cross students really capitalize on down time on the weekends. Being a part of the HC community is such an enriching experience. You can always find a friendly face on campus or fun event to attend. Speaking of fun events I can’t wait for spring weekend. A full out carnival with a cook out, rock wall, bouncy houses, and petting zoo. Even as a senior I have to admit we still like the events.

I hope this gives you all a better perspective on HC!


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