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Yes I’m a Modern Dancer

February 17th, 2013 slrond13

Hello everyone,

I wanted to do a post today to highlight one of my courses, which may seem silly or insignificant to some given the fact that I’m a literature major. The course I happen to be speaking about is my modern dance class. Sometimes I feel people over look the value of dance (and art) classes given the larger scheme of their major or job goals.

I cannot say enough good things about taking dance at Holy Cross. Not only am I taking a real dance class, probably the only time in my entire life, but I’ve learned to express with my body, trust other people, and become more confident in myself in completely new ways. I was the awkward girl at school dances that stood half in the corner. To say dance was daunting was to say the least.

However after my first day of modern dance with Prof. Carabetta, I soon learned I had nothing to worry about. Dancing could actually be fun. Not only was it fun, but the class environment was totally relaxed and non-judgemental. I’ve always been shy about moving my body and expressing myself in front of others, this class has pushed me to overcome my fear. It is for this reason exactly that I am so appreciative of dance at Holy Cross. I’ve always felt awkward about dancing or moving my body in public, I can happily say by dancing for four hours every week I’ve overcome that fear and learned to become confident in yet another new way!

So as for the class itself were learning a modern country dance for our final performance at the end of the year. I know modern country? It sounds a bit weird, but its actually pretty amazing. We’re combing classic twangy country square dance moves with present day modern country music (think Rascal Flatts/Keith Urban) and modern dance moves. I’m SO excited for our performance, I’m not even nervous because our dance is so fun. Were incorporating square/line dances, a complete chair dancing section, and modern dance. I can’t wait for the final performance, I’ll have to post a video once we perform.

So once again Holy Cross never fails to impress me. Even with something as simple as a dance course.

🙂 Sarah

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