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My Final Post as a Crusader

May 26th, 2013 slrond13

Hi everyone,

I know I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with my posts, but I wanted to do one final post summarizing my four years here at Holy Cross. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of classes, finals, and senior events. As my senior year comes to an end, I don’t think I will ever be able to fully articulate how thankful I am for Holy Cross and the experience this amazing school has given me.

Holy Cross has given me so many memorable experiences starting with summer orientation of freshman year. Orientation led to freshman year and some of the most fun times I’ve ever had. II immersed myself in Montserat and new academic and social experiences. As a freshman I was so eager. I felt that the world and Holy Cross were my oyster. (Or maybe Holy Cross was the oyster and I was its pearl 🙂 ).

These optimistic feelings continued into sophomore year as my friend group became closer. I was no longer the timid freshman asking for directions around campus. As a sophomore I looked forward to returning to campus on the Hill. Sophomore year entailed even more enriching experiences than freshman year since I didn’t have to make the high school to college adjustment. I joined clubs and the intramural softball team. I also landed my first big internship at the end of sophomore year and lived in Boston. A look into my future life after graduation.

I know I keep saying each year gets better, but junior year really is special. Junior year you become an upperclassman without the responsibility or pressure of looking for a job as a senior. Enough said.

Senior year is a roller coaster of emotions. Happy, sad, and stressed, but mostly happy. Towards the end of senior year my class (as does every) became super close. We all started to realize we were entering the real world. After we graduated we would never collectively be together again or see each other walking on the Hill to class. Cape Week and Senior week were amazing. These were the times where we savored the moments, made memories, and laughed until we cried. We invaded South Yarmouth and rented houses on the Cape, and we hopped on the Spirit of Boston for a harbor boat cruise. Last but not least we graduated as a class of Crusaders on May 24th, 2013. This was one of the most memorable days of my life.

Best friends and roommates!

As i write this post I can no longer consider myself a college student. In fact, I’m not even a recent college grad. Well i mean technically I am, but i now consider myself a young professional working as an assistant digital media planner at a premier advertising firm in Boston. Although I’m no longer a college student, I will forever be a Holy Cross Crusader and that is what makes me happiest of all. Holy Cross has prepared me to enter into this world excited, educated, and optimistic. I feel the world is mine for the taking. Best of all, I know my friendships at Holy Cross will only continue to grow within our tight knit alumni community. I can name at least 10 HC classmates moving to Boston with me and I’m living with two Holy Cross girls, graduates of the class of 2012.


I may be leaving the Holy Cross campus, but my future as a Crusader is only just beginning to flourish.

Thank you all so much for following me on my four year journey at Holy Cross. As a perspective student I hope you all can follow in my footsteps and carve out your own amazing story here at the College of the Holy Cross!


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