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The BEST weekend of the year. Hands down

May 10th, 2012 slrond13

Hello everyone!

So the glorious Spring Weekend finally arrived at Holy Cross. This is definitely the one weekend everyone marks off on their Holy Cross calender and clears their entire schedule to dedicate themselves to all the festivities around campus.

This year in particular I feel like Holy Cross had a ton of events going on so I’m going to name a few. Pig roast, beer garden, TIMEFLIES concert, Easy Street Carnival (complete with a petting zoo), Kimball quad (with fried dough and  bounce houses), Girl Talk and Big Gigantic (the official spring concert), soap box derby, and parties in every dorm on campus.

So basically, everyone comes out for one last week of fun right before dreaded finals week. Spring Weekend is the highlight of our social calendar, especially because ecause we study endlessly in Dinand during finals week. People get aggressive in the library claiming cubicles!

Anyways I’m going to agree with the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words so here are some pics 🙂 Enjoii!!!

Battle of the Bands

Girl Talk

Girl Talk finale


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