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Spring has sprung

April 28th, 2012 slrond13

So after the long and freezing cold winters on the Hill in Worcester, we are treated by springtime. The spring is everyone’s favorite time on campus. Holy Cross transforms from a winter wonderland (or wasteland if you prefer) into a blossoming and energetic campus.

One of the best parts of this season change is the flowers on campus. The campus completely explodes with color around March/April as it warms up. We have tons of cherry blossom trees and purple flowers. Here’s an amazing bush outside of my dorm, Loyola. I had to take a picture because I can’t get over the bright pink colors in this bush!

This picture definitely sums up Holy Cross in the spring. Everyone and everything comes out of hiding. Girls love to lay out on beach towels and do homework and guys can be seen longboarding outside of Loyola/Williams. Easy St. quickly becomes the hang out place for lacrosse, KanJam, and frisbee, and you can tweet even @HChoval for song requests in the new Hogan Oval (hoval). Everyone is outside when its sunny and warm out, you’ll hardly find anyone in the library.

Just figured I’d share a little bit with you about my favorite season at Holy Cross!

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