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Halloween update =]

November 1st, 2010 slrond13

Hey Guys!

I’ve been super busy with work and getting ready for Halloween weekend!!! I had an exam last friday, a paper due tomorrow, and another exam next Thursday! I’m a bit overwhelmed because i didn’t get much work done this weekend but it was totally worth it because Halloween was a blast!!!!

Friday night my friends and I were ninjas. Not fake ninjas, ninjas with complete face masks. It was so funny people were staring at us. I definitely got into the role of a ninja.

Saturday i was a gold digger and best friend was Ke$ha. We LOVE Ke$ha! She is such a free spirit and does what she wants to make herself happy.

So in all it was a my n epic weekend, most fun i’ve had in a while. Ate way too much candy and i made a ton of new friends. Even though our school is on the small side i still manage to meet new people every weekend. The friend requests are coming in.

Off to read Anna Karenina for my Tales of Desire class.


3 Responses to “Halloween update =]”

  1. Venita Skow says:

    Hello I find this stuff is very good. This site is definitely worth checking out once again! Thx!

  2. slrond13 says:

    Thanks Venita i really appreciate your comment!

  3. Venita Skow says:

    Hey Sarah, you are welcome! 🙂


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