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Crossroads or the Science Cafe? That is the question

December 17th, 2010 slrond13

Its the end of the semester and you know what that means, i’m trying to spend all of my extra dining dollars, yes all $180 of them. In an attempt to spend my magical money I’ve made a new discovery: The Science Library Cafe.

Now this leads me to my question…which eatery is better on campus? The Sci Li Cafe or Crossroads?

Now Crossroads has always been a staple around campus. Between the salad bar/sandwiches and the fast food, Crossroads has options for all cravings. My personal favorite is the greek salad or roast beef sandwich. Crossroads also has a good location convienently located in Hogan for optimal people watching in Crossroads or at Cool Beans. However once 6:00 rolls around, Crossroads can get a pretty long line, and maybe its just me but the workers always seem to be so SLOW. I can’t watch the people make my food because after waiting ten minutes in line, having my toasted wrap sit on the conveyor belt for another good five minutes is a  bit frustrating. For those of us who are impatient or just in a rush, Xroads may not even be an option. Nonetheless Crossroads  overall continues to please students and all of their food desires.

The Science Cafe. Has anyone who is not a science major even eaten there? Every student should check it out at least once. The Science Cafe, with its glass and modern architecture,  has a much more pleasing atmosphere than Crossroads. You actually feel kind of  smart while eating there. Not only that, but the cafe offers a variety of  healthy sandwiches, soups, and wraps which really are good. Now i say “healthy” because if you think your making a diet friendly choice you’re probably mistaking. As good and fresh as the food is, some of the sandwiches have over 1,000 calories! While some of the food is actually healthy for you, most of the food gives the illusion of being healthy because its either “fresh, fair trade, or organic.” This leads me to my next point. Because the food is “fresh” and “organic” the cafe is pretty expensive. For those students who max out dining dollars like a credit card, the cafe may not be the best option. This aside, the Sci Li Cafe is a nice switch from Kimball or Crossroads from time to time.

My Science Cafe favorite= vanilla yogurt and granola

The Winner: In conclusion I think Crossroads is the better eatery on campus. Crossroads has better hours than the Cafe (being open for dinner) and is less expensive than the Sci Li Cafe. While the Cafe is a bit trendier and offers an eclectic mix of food (“arcs” and “naans”)  Xroads has an always reliable variety of tasty sandwiches, pizza, salads, and fried food.

Anyways I tend to visit both the cafe and Xroads frequently. Maybe I’ll spare ya some dining dollars. I can never seem to spend them all anyways!

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