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November 7th, 2010 slrond13

Hello everyone!

Hope you liked the pictures from my last post. Im currently sitting in the library reading some Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. Im about 200 pages behind…help me! The funny thing is though this is the first college book i have ever actually enjoyed reading. I’ve never actually been excited to read a book before, so even though im a bit behind reading it is actually fun. I think i like the book so much because Anna, the main character, is so full of life and passion. She’s a really complex character but my professor told us she becomes an opium addict in her tragic downfall from high society. Should get interesting ill keep you guys updated!!

Ive been in the library since 1:00 this afternoon and its now 10:00. Besides the library consuming my life and multiple candy breaks, I think ive finally decided i want to live off campus next year! (not that i don’t love living on campus because i do.) My two best friends, who are a year above me, need a third roommate so its only natural it would be me. And plus i know it would be so much fun living with them so hopefully my parents say yes.

Anyways im about to make my own donut on the Dunkin Donuts website and do some Taylor Swift stalking. I’m so productive in the library, Anna Karenina is waiting for me. I’ll leave you with a picture of this rock i found. I’ve never seen a pink rock before i so i had to take a picture.  I saw it at the Hope Cemetery in Worcester while looking at gravestones for my geology lab (creepy i know but its pretty cool right?)

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