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February 2nd, 2013 slrond13

Hi everyone,

So second semester is in full force, LITERALLY. We had the huge snow storm last week and we were locked in the apartments with a shelter in place order. The campus got close to two feet of snow! Even though we were cooped up in our dorms, it led to MORE fun. There’s something exciting about being boarded up in the dorms with all of your best friends.

Since we had the storm our 100 Days Ball magically became a 93 Days Ball and was pushed back until the following week. Our anticipation had grown so much that by the time the dance actually arrived everyone was super excited. My friends and I got ready in our rooms then headed to a house off campus where some senior girls live. Its super nice because even though some seniors do live off campus there is no real divide between the on and off campus populations at Holy Cross.

The Ball itself was a blast. The DCU center had a great DJ and everyone danced the night away. Holy Cross handed out free glow sticks so the dance turned into a semi-rave.

Aside from the Ball, I recently also went on a field trip with my Animal Fables and Fiction english class. You’re probably thinking is that even a real class!? Yes it is, and to be honest it isn’t as simple as people think. While i thought i might read about some animals in literature this course has pushed my mind far beyond what I could have imagined. In this class we have questioned our human nature, are we really animals? What does it mean to be human? Why are we placed in dominion above animals?

We’ve also taken a scientific approach to human and animal nature through Darwin’s theory of evolution. How and why is there so much diversity in this world? How have we learned to categorize and classify animals that have evolved through out history?

With this approach we attended the Harvard Museum of Natural History last weekend. My teacher organized the trip and honestly it was completely worth it (even on a Saturday morning)! The teachers at Holy Cross are so dedicated to enriching our learning experience beyond the classroom and the trip to the Harvard Museum definitely invited me to further question animal nature, human existence, and evolution in new ways. The Museum had tons of displays of real fossils and of once live animals, preserved in the museum. This trip was not only educational, but it was just plain fun and interesting to view all of these amazing creatures. Props to Prof. Stanbury for offering this awesome class! (its the first time this class has been offered).

Anyways this is just a little taste of what I’ve been up to. In between meetings, working in Admissions, applying for jobs, going out on the weekends. Wow hardly enough time!


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