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January 17th, 2013 slrond13

So its January and the start of second semester. Its dawning on me that this is my semester of “lasts.” The last time I return from break to The Hill, the last time I enrolled in classes, the last time I’ll have a chance to make memories at Holy Cross. With that being said, I’m going to take every opportunity I have this semester to make it the best yet. One of the nicest things about Holy Cross is that Senior year there are tons of events to join together as class, make new memories, and reflect on our four years on The Hill.

So with my journey at Holy Cross coming to a close, there are a few things I’m definitely looking forward to that will fill up the last chapter of my book of Holy Cross memories and accomplishments.

-Attending the 100 Days Ball. Hm I wonder if the legends are true of having a Top Ten list…
-St. Patricks Day. Easily one of the best holidays at Holy Cross. Purple and GREEN.
-The senior spring break trip, every senior group of friends takes one! My friends and I are going to Florida 🙂
-Writing a capstone thesis paper and presenting it at an academic conference. The culmination of my Studies in World Literatures major.
-Senior week. The week of senior only events after exams and before graduation. I can’t even imagine, this will be the last time we have events together as a class before we part separate ways.
-Landing a job. I’ve already started networking so hopefully the Holy Cross alumni network will pull through! I think this will be my greatest accomplishment. Aside from….
-….Graduating with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Studies in World Literatures on May 24, 2013 (hopefully cum laude). Wow, it feels so surreal writing this!

While I’m looking forward to all of these events and milestones in my life, its definitely bittersweet. Like I said its the semester of “lasts.” And while this may be the last time I get to be a student at Holy Cross, I know my Holy Cross life will continue far beyond the gates of this campus. Being a Holy Cross Alumni is a whole other story. I know once I graduate my connection to this school and the friends I have made here will not end and this is precisely why I love Holy Cross.

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