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Having a ball. A Senior Ball!

December 15th, 2012 slrond13

It’s December which means tons of things are happening around campus, especially for seniors. December is not only the holiday season and the end of first semester classes, but its the month of Senior Ball!! Senior Ball is the first of the two senior dances hosted by HC at the Worcester DCU Center. The second dance, called 100 Days Ball, happens second semester marking 100 days until graduation and is exclusive to HC seniors only.

There was so much anticipation building up to this dance. Everyone knows about Senior Ball and you spend four years imagining what it will be like. In the weeks leading up to Senior Ball there was tons of buzz in the air. All the girls talk about buying dresses (typical) and then theres the whole excitement of possibly being asked by a date. More than anything in the weeks leading up to Senior Ball I’d say the feeling was simply happy. Senior Ball was the first time we really got to celebrate our four years and progress at Holy Cross with an event. It was definitely a night to remember.

My friends and I had so much fun getting ready and we had a pre-party in our room with our friends and neighbors. Shuttles then took us to the DCU Center where there was a dinner and tons of dancing and music. The dance was exciting. While there is a dance or two freshman/sophomore year in Hogan, Holy Cross never puts on a formal event in a venue until senior year. Personally I think every grade should have one formal dance every year. It was such a great bonding experience!

Here are some pics!

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