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A Holy Cross Halloween

November 5th, 2012 slrond13

Halloween spirit definitely overtakes the campus in October and the week leading up to Halloween. The school puts on tons of Halloween themed events and everyone dresses up for parties. Its kind of an extravaganza, people dress up almost every night the weekend leading up to Halloween.

This year my friends and I went to the Healy Haunted House. Each year Healy, an underclassmen dorm, puts on a haunted house/maze in the basement of the dorm. My friends and I were feeling nostalgic, and since we had never been, we decided to go. We’re actually a bunch of little girls, we hate horror movies! Notheless we went to the haunted house. It was actually pretty fun! Definitely a memory for me and my roommates because we were grabbing onto each other and running through the maze louder than any other group. Each room was a different scene. There was one similar to The Ring, an insane asylum, and a chainsaw chaser. It’s acted out by real HC students so now we joke about the haunted house and are so gad we went.

After that we went back to Williams and met up with our friends before heading to parties. Two of our alumni friends were actually visiting who graduated last year. It was SO amazing to see them and go out with them like old times. After blaring music in our room and dancing for a good hour we headed to a party off campus and the night went from there!

On the actual day of Halloween, which happened to be a Wednesday, my roomies and I dressed as hippies.

Hippies and an Indian!

Since it was a Wednesday we went to a local bar with tons of other HC students, mostly juniors and seniors. It’s awesome going to a bar with the HC community. You know enough people, but not too many so each time you go out you see familiar faces and encounter someone new!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my festivities. Hope you had a spooky Halloween too!

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