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What a normal day (for me) is like at Holy Cross

October 15th, 2012 slrond13

Hi everyone,

I know I’ve done tons of posts about my classes, what I do on the weekends, etc., but I don’t think I’ve ever given a snapshot of what a normal day consists of at Holy Cross. They’re pretty busy between classes, homework, and meeting up with friends so I figured I’d share a typical day with you!

I prefer to have my classes in the afternoon, so i can head to the Hart Center in the morning for a workout. Usually I’ll wake up around 9:00, or earlier, depending on how much work I have that week. After a ten minute walk to the Hart Center, I get in my work out and head back to Williams to shower. Lucky for me as a senior I get my own bathroom :).

After getting ready, I typically check my email. All the clubs/organizations send TONS of emails about events, concerts, and things happening around campus. It’s a great way to find activities for my friends and I around campus. As a senior, I recently signed up for a beer tasting in The Pub!

Then I’ll catch up on a bit of homework or tie up any loose ends before my first class. I’ve had a similar schedule every semester so I head towards Stein (the humanities building) for my lit. class, which is currently Women’s Writing this semester. I have Prof. Schmitz-Burgard of the German department, who happens to be one of my favorite professors on campus. My class, and most english/lit. classes, consist of open discussion. No hiding in this class, my class has only eight students!

After class I’ll either head towards Hogan for a Cool Beans Coffee, to the library, or back to my room to see my roomies and catch up on my work there. Now that I’m a senior I like to head back towards Williams because I have my own space.

Dinner is definitely one of the most social times on campus, especially if you head to Kimball or Crossroads. Its a time not only to eat, but to see everyone else in the same place at the same time. I like to head to Crossroads since I have a bunch of dining dollars to spend. Yay for flatbread pizzas. They recently added a ton of new topping choices, which have been really popular.

If I have any meetings such as for the Admissions Outreach Eboard, for The Agency marketing club, or to meet with a group, its typically before or after dinner.

After dinner I’ll do some homework and take a study break around 9:00. My roommates and I love heading to Hogan for some candy in the lobby shop. Plus, we love seeing Sarah who works in the lobby shops. She’s our fav :). After that its back to homework and bed around midnight. And when I say homework, I don’t mean boring, stuck in a cubicle, hating my life homework. Unless you have a big paper or exam, homework is definitely serious but at the same time casual. My friends and I do homework together at a big table in the library, or with some music in the apartments. It can be pretty fun, sometimes we get a little too silly, esp when we’re not in the library.

While this is a more broad overview of my day, I plan on doing a fun post of some activities I’ve done this semester soon!


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