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Livin it Up! Senior Year

September 11th, 2012 slrond13

So its about two weeks into my senior year, and it has been crazy fun!

Now that I’m a senior I don’t have to worry about adjusting to campus or any of that stuff like a freshman. It feels good to come back to campus knowing what to expect and to celebrate my last year at HC. (Its slightly sad too, but I know HC has prepared me for a great future.)

My roomies and I have been LOVING the apartment life, its so different than a dorm. Its like we have our own little home, with awesome neighbors. All my close friends live in my hall so we’re constantly in and out of each others rooms, and on the weekends this leads to lots of hanging out and parties. It’s been great so far and we’re really trying to make the most of every weekend here.

As for classes, I’m taking two art classes, a literature course, and my entrepreneurship course. My printmaking art class has surprised me. Using a printing press is unlike anything I’ve done before and I love the artwork I’ve been making in the class. I enjoy this class much more than my drawing class last semester.

My workload has been pretty relaxed so far, but then again I’ve become an expert with time management. I’m a little worried between my internship, classes, tour guide position, and Admissions volunteering, but I know I’ll be able to manage it all. As stressful as everything gets, I always manage to get through (as does every other HC student)

Enough about the stress and work load though :). I’m here to celebrate senior year. Get ready for some awesome posts!

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