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Where have I been? In Boston!

July 19th, 2012 slrond13

Hey ya’ll!!

So it is officially SUMMER and I could not be more excited! I landed my dream internship at Mullen advertising and I am a little more than half way done with my internship. I live full time in Boston with my best friend and work full time (40 hours a week).

This is not the typical let’s sleep until 12:00, go to the beach, and lounge around all day type of summer. This is a crazy, on the go, and hard working summer. But, this is the summer I exactly wanted, and I could not be more happy.

While I did work in Boston last summer, well outside of Boston, this summer is more than I could have ever imagined. I worked so hard for this internship, to find an apartment, and live with all my friends in the city (HC and close Boston friends).

I applied to over 15 internships, was picked as one of 34 out of 1300 at Mullen, and sent out zillions of emails for an apartment on Craigslist. Thank god i found one with central AC!

Anyways, I work in the financial district and I LOVE it. I work as a digital media planning intern at Mullen and I get to work on SO many cool clients, such as Jet Blue, Fage yogurt, and Benjamin Moore. To put it simply, my team helps companies distribute content and advertising on all digital media platforms (social media, tablets, mobile, websites). What i like so much about this internship is that I feel fully integrated into the Mullen culture. Besides learning about the workings of an advertising firm and about digital marketing, most of all I have learned to be hungry, be passionate, always ask why, push myself further, and want MORE.

All i have to say is Holy Cross you better watch out for me senior year.

From a social standpoint Boston is simply AHHmazing. I mean, I work right by Fanueil Hall, and live by the MFA, Prudential, and Fenway. Boston has TONS of great restaraunts. I think I honestly could have plans every single night of the week if I wanted to. From bars, to shopping on Newbury St., trying out new sushi bars with my roomie, and beach days in Southie, I’m pretty sure im one of the luckiest girls out there because not only do I live in the city with a great job, but I have actual friends who live here too. I don’t feel lost or homesick at all (although I do miss my family and dog).

At a decentralized dance party in the streets of Boston! (a moving dance party)

Anyways this was just a quick check in to keep in touch with everyone, can’t wait to get back on the full time blogging bandwagon when I get back to HC senior year!


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