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HC back in full force!

September 21st, 2011 slrond13

Hi guys!

So it’s time for my first real update of Junior year. I’ve been here for about a month and I’ve finally had some time to settle in and write a post!

First off I have to say I’m loving the renovations around campus. Each year Holy Cross tries to make some big improvements to keep us students happy and to keep the campus fresh and exciting. Last year it was the science building, and this year the main project was the new senior apartments with a bunch of smaller improvements.

1. The new senior apartments aka Figge Hall are SO nice. The building is completely modern featuring apartment style suites and is located right next to the Hart gym. Maybe I’ll be living there next year!

2. The Hogan quad has also been redone with a new outdoor patio and seating. You can always find students out there doing homework or meeting with friends. HC has really transformed the quad into a social gathering spot on campus, plus the new landscaping looks fantastic!

3. The Stein Cool Beans coffee house: CB2 which used to be just a coffee stand, has now transformed into a full coffee house! A lot of students have been looking for a coffee house type option around campus so good work HC. Campus officials are really starting to listen to our needs! The coffee house has a more intellectual atmosphere which is great for doing work.

I’m so lucky I get to enjoy all of these new improvements while I’m still here at HC!

So I bet you’re wondering how my classes and social life are. I have to say, I picked out an awesome course schedule this semester. Each year you become more familiar with the departments and professors, and you figure out what types of courses you like best. So this semester I am taking:

Feminist Literary Theory (for my Studies in World Lit major STWL)

Cinema and the Second Sex (a film course based on female directors for STWL)

Techniques of Computer Programming (for a possible computer science minor)

Entrepreneurship and the World Economy (an intro to ECON for non-ECON majors)

I have to say there isn’t one class or professor I dislike. Each class is completely different and taught in a different manner so I have a great variety. I would say my Cinema course is the most enjoyable, I really like the class discussions and analyses of the films we watch. I also think computer science is pretty cool although its hard. I just think computers are so interesting in our technology-driven society, so the class is definitely worth the effort.

As for my friends and social life, there’s nothing like being back on campus after a long summer.  There’s something about Holy Cross that makes everyone have an instant connection here. We all have a certain Holy Cross-ness  from going here that makes being on campus so fun. Last weekend I went out the the Flying Rhino on Shrewsbury Street with my roomie Adriana and our two new friends John and Andrew (who are conveniently our neighbors, its so easy to make friends here). Now that I have a car its fun to take full advantage of Worcester with my friends.

Anyways I’m off to do some homework. Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on how everything is going!

Can’t wait to share more as the semester progresses.


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