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Must Read. End of Sophomore year. Where has the time gone?

May 28th, 2011 slrond13

So I think this is a  pretty good time to reflect on my time here at Holy Cross. I’m about to be a junior, which means making the transition into a upperclassman. From here on out is going to be some serious stuff: networking, internships, making connections all so I can get a job after Holy Cross. Ideally I want a career in marketing/ communications/online media and I have to say I think im headed on the right track. I would love to work at a creative marketing firm like Hill Holiday in Boston.

So what I want to reflect on is how my sophomore year has shaped me at Holy Cross, because I really do think I have grown since my first year as a timid freshman.

Looking back, I realize how much confidence I’ve gained by the end of my sophomore year. I think this is one of the most important gifts Holy Cross has given me because it translates into every part of my life. I used to be petrified of public speaking, interviews, or just making new friends in general in unfamilair situations. After the Summer Business Program (SBP), writing ten page papers, participating in class discussions, emailing professors and other professionals, I find I have the ability to efforlessly communicate and interact with my peers and colleagues. Wether it be in a professional or social setting I am NEVER nervous or uncomortable. I have a newfound quiet confidence inside myself that helps me get through any situation with poise. I can’t even begin to explain how invaluble this has been for me.

Because of this confidence I’ve landed my SECOND internship, where I’ve been able to grow even more in an unfamiliar environment. I now work at the IT tech company TechTarget as an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Intern. That means I add value to our webpages  by editing content so they can be found easier in search engines online. While I admit I was afraid at first, I once again have learned to adapt to a new environment and am finding myself overcoming new obstacles every day. I definitely feel a sense of accomplishment with everything I am learning here and doing here at TechTarget. I’m turning into a little techie, I kind of like it.

Socially my confidence has lead me to have the most memorable year in my life. I love the fact that I now can go up to anyone at a party or in the dining hall and strike up a conversation. All it takes is one introduction at Holy Cross and then you start saying hi around campus and before you know it you have a new friend. As a sophomore I can honestly say I had the best time on the weekends. The weekends are time to relax and decompress from our stressful weeks so  I definitely took advantage of that. Since I was more adapted to the social scene (as compared to being a baby freshman) I always had something to do and friends to see. There was neve r a dull moment this year.

*Here’s a pic of me (in the yellow!) and my best friends!

I think if I had to pick a motto for sophomore year it would be: sieze the moment and don’t let the little things bother you because life is too short. Some people can get so stressed out and caught up in the workload or their problems that they forget to enjoy college. We are only college students for four years of our entire lives so I want to make the most of it. I definitely value this time and want to take adavantage of every opportunity that comes my way. And HC sure does have a lot of opportunities.

I can’t wait for my junior year. If it’s any continuation of my sophomore year, I may never want to leave the gates of Holy Cross.

Hope you guys liked this post! It means a lot to me.


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