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Happy Easter (Bunny Day)

April 24th, 2011 slrond13

Hi Guys!

Happy Easter! One of the benefits of going to a Catholic school is that we have an Easter break, which other schools don’t normally have. This break may be my favorite break because of its perfect timing being right before finals. It’s definitely nice to go home and recharge my batteries before we get back for spring weekend and endless amounts of papers and studying for finals.

So tonight I’m heading over to my grandmas for a family dinner then its back home to back for HC. I have an interview with the tech company TechTarget Monday morning so I’ll be up bright and early for the interview then going back to school to get a head start on some papers I have due next week. One thing I can say about HC is we definitely work hard during the week. I will probably be in the library every chance I get this week nonstop until I finish my 6-7 page and 8-10 page paper. But the good thing about slaving away during the week is that the weekends are SUPER fun! I think each weekend of my spring semester has only gotten more and more fun. So if I have to slave away during the week to allow me to have fun on the weekends, I’ll do it. It’s all about time management here at Holy Cross.

Hope everyone has a happy bunny day!


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