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April 4th, 2011 slrond13

Hi Guys!

Current location: eating cheerios in my room after my Monstrous European Lit class. (the topic today was vampires!)

So its almost half way through my second semester of sophomore year. Wow this has gone by so fast, i cannot believe I’m almost halfway done with my college career! Right about now spring fever is hitting campus and the sophomore slump is kicking in. Luckily for me the sophomore slump isn’t too bad because i love my classes so much. While most classes tend to drag on towards the end of the spring semester, I’m still quite interested in all my course material. Speaking of…I just made my advising appointment to discuss classes for the fall. I personally love picking out classes, Holy Cross has some really intriguing courses to offer. So what are my tenative classes? Im considering:

18th Century Novel, Russian Cinema, Feminist Literary Theory, Sociology of TV and Media, and Techniques of Computer Programming

All of these classes sound pretty interesting right? Luckily for me my Studies in World Literatures major allows me to find some unique classes.

Classes aside, like I said spring fever is kicking in around campus. I really do love the spring semester because everyone is always active and outside. Say hello to music blaring from the dorms, frisbee on Easy Street, and tons of people hanging out on the dorm lawns (or beaches as we sometimes call them). With spring also comes Spring Weekend, possibly the best weekend of the year. HC just announced today that J. Cole and the Far East Movement are coming to preform at our spring concert, not too shabby.

Anyways, I just wanted to share a little bit with you, what I’ve been thinking about, what’s going on around campus. Now I’m off to Crossroads for some dinner (the salad bar is awesome!).

Until Next Time,


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