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March 2nd, 2011 slrond13

Hi guys!

So I’ve been super busy lately! Let me share with you a little bit of what I’ve been up to.

1. I went to a talk on biodiversity by Kieran Suckling who has been called “America’s most radical environmentalist.” Keiran, who established the Center for Biological Diversity, is currently suing BP for $19 billion dollars for the Gulf oil spill.  The talk was definitely interesting and made me wonder, “what would our world be like without species diversity?”

2.  I have now gone to church three weeks in a row. I hardly ever went last semester, but I am really enjoying going every Sunday. I find myself looking forward to the homily and after church i always feel so refreshed and ready to start the week with a great perspective.

3. I had two interviews this week. The first was an interview for an account management intern position at the marketing/consulting firm the Geppetto Group. I learned about the Geppetto Group through the Summer Internship Program, which i had to apply to. If you take advantage of the Career Planning Center and Pre-Business Program at Holy Cross you can really get some great opportunities. (Trust me as someone who has already had an internship the summer after my freshman year.) My second interview was for a tour guide position in the Admissions Office. Both of these interviews went really well so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that i get the positions!

4. I went to the basketball game this past Saturday. We beat Lehigh and are onto the Patriot League Quarterfinals against Layfayette tonight which is pretty exciting.

5. As for the rest of this week only three classes and one more exam stand between me and spring break!! Unlike most of my friends who are going to Naples, Punta Cana, and Panama City to name a few, I will be here on campus for the Executive Leadership Workshop. I have to admit I’m not thrilled for the all day meetings and seminars, but I know the experience will be invaluable. Im ready for a new challenge and to open more doors for my future.

Until next time,


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