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My mood= energetic

February 13th, 2011 slrond13


Current location: Lehy study rooms with Brittany finishing up a philosophy paper.

So i’ve had a pretty eventful weekend and I’m ready to tell you all about it.

On Saturday I went to the basketball game since it was homecoming weekend. The entire game was sold out and we played the #1 seed Bucknell. There was also a nice little ceremony honoring the top three basketball alumni. The games are always pretty fun, but this game was super intense and close. It turns out we lost by four points, but it was a really exciting game (especially when a student dressed as a giant yellow Big Bird got hit in the head with the ball). My friends and I went to Kballs after the game. Kimball had a new dessert, which continued my excitment from the game. The raspberry lemon bread pudding may be my new favorite dessert. Props to Kimball for stepping it up this semester.

After dinner my friends and I got ready and went out. We started off in Loyola, then went to Alumni (both junior dorms), then headed off campus. It had a ton of fun and managed to yet again meet more new people!

Sunday morning I was back at Kimball at 10:30. I guess you can say I enjoy Kballs because I spent two hours there! Sometimes people watching and talking gets the best of my friends and I.

Anyways, I had no homework on Sunday (such a rarity) so I went to the theatre department’s spring play with my friend Matt. The play was a musical called the Drowsy Chaperone and  featured  my good friends Jon and Suzanne. The Drowsy Chaperone was comedy/musical set in the 1920’s. I have to say i was impressed. I’ve never been to a play on campus and I’m definitely glad i went!

After the play I grabbed some lunch at Crossroads, headed to the library for a bit, then went to church with Brittany. We’ve both vowed to make more of an effort to go to church this semester. I felt instantly better after going to church today so I’m starting off my week on a high note!



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