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New Semester= New Opportunities

February 6th, 2011 slrond13

Hi Guys!

Being back on the Hill from break has been amazing. Going home for break always makes the first few weeks back extra exciting.

So what have I been up to exactly?

Well we just had our first full week of class and I can say I really like my classes this semester. Each semester is different depending on your course load and I think I have a good balance this semester. I have a little bit of everything between philosophy, computer programming, and two lit courses. I particularly like my computer science class. We are learning how to write computer programs in a computer language called Python. Cool right? The work isn’t too bad yet either considering we’ve only had one full week so that means I’ve had extra time for socializing.

Besides classes, I’m applying to be a tour guide (yet another way I can work in the Admissions Office) and I’ve been trying to make as many new friends as possible. What I like so much about new semesters is that it makes it really easy to make new friends in class or in general. Everyone has new schedules so you see people you have never seen before. Hello Kimball dates with new friends.

…speaking of Kimball they’ve made some new changes such as converting the ice cream bar to dinner and offering more vegetarian options, which i like. Yay for Kimball!

Anyways we have been getting TONS of snow. Not going to lie, walking to class has been pretty brutal with all the stairs and hills but somehow we manage. At least I had a snow day last Wednesday. Both of my teachers cancelled class.

All in all I’m happy to be back. So far this semester has been the best yet so i can only predict that it will keep getting better.


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