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Almost back on the Hill!

January 10th, 2011 slrond13

Hi guys!

So it is almost time to get back on the Hill! Five weeks is a little bit long for break, I’ve mostly just been working out, spending time with my family and friends while they’re home for break too. Compared to Holy Cross, life at home is much slower and I’m starting to get antsy sitting here at home! Each semester is different, but I’m really looking forward to this one for a few reasons in particular. I guess you could say this is my semester of firsts.

My first time taking an art course, my first ever dance class (in my life), and my first leadership role on an Eboard!

This semester will definitely open my mind (and body) to new experiences and I really think i am going to grow by forcing myself to try new things. With art I hope i can view the world in new ways, see the little details in every day life I never noticed before. Hopefully I will develop an artistic eye (and hand) with Fundamentals of Drawing. As for dance, I am definitely going to boost my confidence (which will help me with my public speaking) and overcome any stage fright I have! I am really going to have to believe in myself to participate in this class, especially when it comes to our final performance at the end of the semester.

On another note, I am eager to get back to school to officially start my position on the Admissions Outreach Eboard. This means that four other students along with myself will have firsthand input and decision making power to influence all of our programs for prospective students. I can’t wait to start improving the open houses, greeting sessions, and online chats for all prospective students looking at Holy Cross! Do you guys have any suggestions? =D

Anyways these are just a few of the new things I will be embarking upon this upcoming semester. I can’t wait to share with you guys my final semester before senior year! (eek!)


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