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Happy 2011! (you MUST read this post)

January 1st, 2011 slrond13

Hi Guys!

So I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while and I thought the start of the new year was a great occasion for this post.

I came to Holy Cross in 2009 as a quiet unconfident girl, little did i know my freshman year  at HC would change me so much. I know it sounds cliche but Holy Cross really did allow me to become the person I am today (and I’m still growing). Holy Cross has allowed me to experience things I never did before and put me into new (sometimes even daunting) situations that allowed me to find out who I am. By being put into so many new situations, whether it be an oral presentation, networking with alumni, or meeting a completely new group of people for the first time, I learned to believe in myself and who I am. I think the reason I love Holy Cross so much is because it allowed me to find the confidence i was always missing. That quiet girl who was once unsure of herself is a distant memory and I now find myself entering any situation with confidence, poise, and faith in myself. What makes this situation even more special is that I don’t think I could have found this confidence and personal growth at just any school. It’s like Holy Cross has the perfect combination of elements that I can’t exactly put my finger on. Theres something about being on this Hill and the people here that has changed me. The best part is I know i will only continue to grow with my time here. I am ready to take on anything with optimism, no matter what life decides to throw at me, because of how Holy Cross is shaping me.

I honestly cannot name many things I am truly passionate about, but what I do know is that Holy Cross is one of them. What this school has given me is something so invaluable and meaningful.

….AND now I am entering a new year with more confidence, excitement, and optimism than ever. I know that there is still so much out there for me to learn and experience at Holy Cross! I hope you guys can all eventually find what I have found at Holy Cross. Maybe this will be you’re year! Happy New Years!

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