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Home for Break!

December 28th, 2010 slrond13

Hey Guys! So I’ve finally settled in back at home and I’ve had some quality relaxation which was quite needed after finals.

So what exactly have I been up to? I’ve been sleeping ridiculously late (which i never do at school), lying in bed for absurd amounts of time (something i also never do at school), going to the gym, researching summer internships, catching up on all of my TV shows (which i sacrifice for homework at school), filling in at my family restaurant, seeing friends from home, and accomplishing all the leisurely activities that I never have time for at school such as shopping, going out to eat, and to the movies.

All in all break is always a nice time to come home, see my family and friends, and relax….for about the first two weeks. The boredom is going to hit me any day now.

To simply put it, I love being home but it is not nearly as exciting as Holy Cross!

Home VS. Holy Cross: The Top 3 Pros and Cons

Pros of Home                                            VS.                                  Pros of Holy Cross

-no homework or finals= no stress                                          -Always having a friend to hang out with/people to see

-Sleeping in late/long hot showers                                         -parties/the weekends

-My dog and family                                                                    – I just LOVE being at makes me happy!

Cons of Home                                         VS.                                    Cons of Holy Cross

-Not having my daily Cool Beans breaks                               -Making break too long (5 weeks!)

-no great people watching                                                        -Insane amounts of work –> mini breakdowns

-lack of a social life (compared to HC)                                  -There’s never enough time in the day

Anyways I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, New Years is up next. I have a special post for that so get ready!

My dog Moo-Shu (named after the dragon in Mulan)

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