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November 24th, 2010 slrond13

Hello Everyone!

Sorry its been so long since my last post! I’ve been super busy preparing to go home for Thanksgiving break! I got home last night and I must say it feels nice to be home. I needed a break from all the work, and I was also starting to miss my brother and my dog! Considering the fact that i never go home on the weekends (even though i only live 40 minutes away) i’m always ready to go home when we have the designated breaks.

Anyways let me recap a bit of my week for you. Last Thursday I met up with my little sister, that is my little sister as part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Every week i go into Worcester and spend time with my little sister at her school. My little’s name is Christian and she in 4th grade. She’s adorable. When i go to visit her we usually play kickball, basketball, board games, or I’ll help her with her homework. It’s also fun to know that she will be my little for the next three years so we’ll become really close. I’ll have to post a picture of us sometime!

On Friday i was running around like a crazy woman even though i only had one class. I had two papers to turn in before break so Friday i went to two of my professors’ office hours. I really do think office hours are SO helpful. Even if I just have a quick question for my teacher I end up leaving with so many new ideas and directions for my paper. Result: A paper on the tragic downfall of Anna Karenina in judgmental aristocratic Russian society and a religion paper on Paul’s strategy to convert people to Christianity in the Acts of the Apostles. Lets hope i get A’s on these papers.

As for the weekend, Friday night i took the Woo Bus into Worcester with my roommate and some friends. We went out to eat on Shrewsbury Street which is really popular when parents come to visit their kids at HC. Saturday night my friends and I hung out with the lax bros (aka the lax team) on campus which was fun because we’ve never hung out with them before. On Sunday i was literally in the library ALL day hibernating in a cube (cubicle but we call them cubes) to get those papers done. On Tuesday night, the last day before break, my friends and I had a Ke$ha release party for her new album since we didn’t have any work due the next day. Out of the entire weekend I have to say Tuesday night was the most fun!

I must be going, off to the gym, i’ll be sure to do a Thanksgiving post soon!


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