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Glitter! (my first post)

October 24th, 2010 slrond13

Hi guys!

So this is my first post for my blog this year. Im really excited to share my life at Holy Cross with you so i figured I’d start by telling you a little about myself. If i could pick one word to describe me it would be glitter. I LOVE glitter and anything associated with it. I’m always bubbly, extremely social, and thinking positive. Im laid back and all about having a fun time. When i think of sparkles and glitter i make all of these associations so i think its a pretty good word to describe who I am.

So now that you know a little about my personality we’re going to jump right into my life. Hello October 24th 2010. Its Sunday and I’m usually in the library swamped with work. Thankfully I finished all of my midterms last week so today has been a pretty chill day. I woke up at 9 to greet prospective students in the Admissions office, went to Kimball (for two and a half hours!!), and took a three hour nap. I’d say today was a pretty good day..Im realizing i set a lot of records today:

1. Set a new Kimball record, socialized and people watched for two and a half hours!

2. Took my longest nap so far this year.

3. Only went to the library for an hour and a half today!

Minimal time doing homework and plenty of time relaxing. Its nice to have a break after the last few crazy work weeks! Anyways I figured I’ll keep this post short, stay tuned for some interesting stories!


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