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Hi everyone,

I know I’ve fallen off the bandwagon with my posts, but I wanted to do one final post summarizing my four years here at Holy Cross. These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of classes, finals, and senior events. As my senior year comes to an end, I don’t think I will ever be able to fully articulate how thankful I am for Holy Cross and the experience this amazing school has given me.

Holy Cross has given me so many memorable experiences starting with summer orientation of freshman year. Orientation led to freshman year and some of the most fun times I’ve ever had. II immersed myself in Montserat and new academic and social experiences. As a freshman I was so eager. I felt that the world and Holy Cross were my oyster. (Or maybe Holy Cross was the oyster and I was its pearl πŸ™‚ ).

These optimistic feelings continued into sophomore year as my friend group became closer. I was no longer the timid freshman asking for directions around campus. As a sophomore I looked forward to returning to campus on the Hill. Sophomore year entailed even more enriching experiences than freshman year since I didn’t have to make the high school to college adjustment. I joined clubs and the intramural softball team. I also landed my first big internship at the end of sophomore year and lived in Boston. A look into my future life after graduation.

I know I keep saying each year gets better, but junior year really is special. Junior year you become an upperclassman without the responsibility or pressure of looking for a job as a senior. Enough said.

Senior year is a roller coaster of emotions. Happy, sad, and stressed, but mostly happy. Towards the end of senior year my class (as does every) became super close. We all started to realize we were entering the real world. After we graduated we would never collectively be together again or see each other walking on the Hill to class. Cape Week and Senior week were amazing. These were the times where we savored the moments, made memories, and laughed until we cried. We invaded South Yarmouth and rented houses on the Cape, and we hopped on the Spirit of Boston for a harbor boat cruise. Last but not least we graduated as a class of Crusaders on May 24th, 2013. This was one of the most memorable days of my life.

Best friends and roommates!

As i write this post I can no longer consider myself a college student. In fact, I’m not even a recent college grad. Well i mean technically I am, but i now consider myself a young professional working as an assistant digital media planner at a premier advertising firm in Boston. Although I’m no longer a college student, I will forever be a Holy Cross Crusader and that is what makes me happiest of all. Holy Cross has prepared me to enter into this world excited, educated, and optimistic. I feel the world is mine for the taking. Best of all, I know my friendships at Holy Cross will only continue to grow within our tight knit alumni community. I can name at least 10 HC classmates moving to Boston with me and I’m living with two Holy Cross girls, graduates of the class of 2012.


I may be leaving the Holy Cross campus, but my future as a Crusader is only just beginning to flourish.

Thank you all so much for following me on my four year journey at Holy Cross. As a perspective student I hope you all can follow in my footsteps and carve out your own amazing story here at the College of the Holy Cross!


Hi Guys,

So I’m catching up on some posting, I wish I could ask you all what you would like me to write about. I was once a perspective student, but there are so many things you probably want to know about. You can take a tour, but the tours can’ provide the real experience of what its like to live and learn at Holy Cross.

If I could choose one word to describe life at Holy Cross I would pick the word Immersive. Holy Cross immerses students in every aspect of life with rich and exciting opportunities, and I don’t just mean academically. Well since I mentioned academics, I do have to say HC does some pretty cool things. First off the professors are totally passionate and dedicated to their interests and the classes they teach. Having such dedicated professors really does make class time that much more interesting. I had one religious/visual arts professor who studied Christian art and imagery. I didn’t think I would enjoy the class, looking at religious artifacts, but WOW I was so intrigued in the class, my professor’s personal photos, and the way she described the religious art as if it was something divine to her herself. Holy Cross compliments these passionate teachers with real world study abroad experiences and field trips. I once visited a Christian monastery in NYC. I’ve been to the Harvard Museum of Natural History and visited their rare book collections. One of my best friends studied in Sri Lanka following her passion for other cultures.

Aside from academics the social life is totally immersive. FRIENDS on campus everywhere, hanging out in the Hoval, events with FREE food, the sports games. I know you hear term suitcase school a ton, but Holy Cross really is the opposite of that. Since we work so hard during the weekday, Holy Cross students really capitalize on down time on the weekends. Being a part of the HC community is such an enriching experience. You can always find a friendly face on campus or fun event to attend. Speaking of fun events I can’t wait for spring weekend. A full out carnival with a cook out, rock wall, bouncy houses, and petting zoo. Even as a senior I have to admit we still like the events.

I hope this gives you all a better perspective on HC!


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to take this post to talk about going to school in Worcester. I feel like some prospective students get the wrong idea about Worcester, it seems to sometimes have a bad rep. After going to school in Worcester for the past four years its definitely not as bad as you may hear, and yes its actually fun. After all Worcester is a college city, there are 12 schools in the Worcester Consortium.

At first Worcester might not appear that inviting, but once you venture into the city you can find some hidden gems. My roommates and I have found some pretty cool spots in Worcester that make for some fun trips off campus. We like to view going into Worcester as a treat, a break from our homework.

First off the most obvious choice is Blackstone Valley. Every student loves Blackstone for its restaurants and shops. In particular, Blackstone has the sushi restaurant Feng’s, which happens to be my favorite in the city. Its not too expensive and they have amazing speciality rolls. There’s also a Marshalls and Banana Republic Factory Store. When I want to do a little shopping I love going to these stores because they’re so budget friendly :). You can always find a Holy Cross girl in Marshalls looking for a cute but affordable “going out shirt.”

Fro-yo is another one of our favorite outings. Worcester has a few different fro-yo places all within ten minutes of Holy Cross. There’s Yo-way, Wooberry, and Berry Fusion. We love going to all of these places, each has their own atmosphere so its fun to visit them.

There are a decent amount of clubs and bars in Worcester too. Holy Cross students like to pick a few places each semester and go there during the week. Its super fun because you basically know everyone in the bar! Personally we love Salty Dog, Blackstone Tap, and Greyhound. All of these bars are located within Kelley Square so you can hop around the bars since they’re all in walking distance of each other. Worcester has also recently gotten a bunch of new clubs I’ve been wanting to check out such as Bar FX, which apparently has cool lights and special effects. Another great thing about going out in Worcester is that you can meet students from other colleges. I’ve become friends with some guys at WPI, its fun to go and visit their campus on the weekend from time to time.

Lastly I’d like to mention the DCU Center. There’s always a cool show or event going on there. Junior year I went to see the DJ Avicci perform there and it was an awesome time. If a show or event is really popular you can usually find a bunch of HC students there.

So this is just a little taste of what life is like in Worcester. I hope I’ve changed your opinion of this city. Crazy weather aside Worcester has some pretty fun things to offer!


Hi Guys!

Now that its half way through second semester its dawning on me I have to leave the Cross and enter the real world. Cue the nostalgia. While I’m starting to get all sentimental I figured I do a post on some little things I’ll miss about Holy Cross.

1. Moving into a new dorm every year. Move in day is so exciting!

Welcome to Williams 507!

2. Working in Admissions. By far my favorite activity, it will be missed!
3. Views of Worcester from the Hill. (The crazy weather I won’t be missing)
4. Birthdays at HC. Always a reason to throw a party!

Paige's 22nd bday!

5. Weight Watchers pizza at Crossroads
6. Waking up to work out at the Hart Center

These are just a few of the things I’m going to miss at Holy Cross. The list could go on and on…

Until next time!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to do a post today to highlight one of my courses, which may seem silly or insignificant to some given the fact that I’m a literature major. The course I happen to be speaking about is my modern dance class. Sometimes I feel people over look the value of dance (and art) classes given the larger scheme of their major or job goals.

I cannot say enough good things about taking dance at Holy Cross. Not only am I taking a real dance class, probably the only time in my entire life, but I’ve learned to express with my body, trust other people, and become more confident in myself in completely new ways. I was the awkward girl at school dances that stood half in the corner. To say dance was daunting was to say the least.

However after my first day of modern dance with Prof. Carabetta, I soon learned I had nothing to worry about. Dancing could actually be fun. Not only was it fun, but the class environment was totally relaxed and non-judgemental. I’ve always been shy about moving my body and expressing myself in front of others, this class has pushed me to overcome my fear. It is for this reason exactly that I am so appreciative of dance at Holy Cross. I’ve always felt awkward about dancing or moving my body in public, I can happily say by dancing for four hours every week I’ve overcome that fear and learned to become confident in yet another new way!

So as for the class itself were learning a modern country dance for our final performance at the end of the year. I know modern country? It sounds a bit weird, but its actually pretty amazing. We’re combing classic twangy country square dance moves with present day modern country music (think Rascal Flatts/Keith Urban) and modern dance moves. I’m SO excited for our performance, I’m not even nervous because our dance is so fun. Were incorporating square/line dances, a complete chair dancing section, and modern dance. I can’t wait for the final performance, I’ll have to post a video once we perform.

So once again Holy Cross never fails to impress me. Even with something as simple as a dance course.

πŸ™‚ Sarah

Hi everyone,

So second semester is in full force, LITERALLY. We had the huge snow storm last week and we were locked in the apartments with a shelter in place order. The campus got close to two feet of snow! Even though we were cooped up in our dorms, it led to MORE fun. There’s something exciting about being boarded up in the dorms with all of your best friends.

Since we had the storm our 100 Days Ball magically became a 93 Days Ball and was pushed back until the following week. Our anticipation had grown so much that by the time the dance actually arrived everyone was super excited. My friends and I got ready in our rooms then headed to a house off campus where some senior girls live. Its super nice because even though some seniors do live off campus there is no real divide between the on and off campus populations at Holy Cross.

The Ball itself was a blast. The DCU center had a great DJ and everyone danced the night away. Holy Cross handed out free glow sticks so the dance turned into a semi-rave.

Aside from the Ball, I recently also went on a field trip with my Animal Fables and Fiction english class. You’re probably thinking is that even a real class!? Yes it is, and to be honest it isn’t as simple as people think. While i thought i might read about some animals in literature this course has pushed my mind far beyond what I could have imagined. In this class we have questioned our human nature, are we really animals? What does it mean to be human? Why are we placed in dominion above animals?

We’ve also taken a scientific approach to human and animal nature through Darwin’s theory of evolution. How and why is there so much diversity in this world? How have we learned to categorize and classify animals that have evolved through out history?

With this approach we attended the Harvard Museum of Natural History last weekend. My teacher organized the trip and honestly it was completely worth it (even on a Saturday morning)! The teachers at Holy Cross are so dedicated to enriching our learning experience beyond the classroom and the trip to the Harvard Museum definitely invited me to further question animal nature, human existence, and evolution in new ways. The Museum had tons of displays of real fossils and of once live animals, preserved in the museum. This trip was not only educational, but it was just plain fun and interesting to view all of these amazing creatures. Props to Prof. Stanbury for offering this awesome class! (its the first time this class has been offered).

Anyways this is just a little taste of what I’ve been up to. In between meetings, working in Admissions, applying for jobs, going out on the weekends. Wow hardly enough time!


So its January and the start of second semester. Its dawning on me that this is my semester of “lasts.” The last time I return from break to The Hill, the last time I enrolled in classes, the last time I’ll have a chance to make memories at Holy Cross. With that being said, I’m going to take every opportunity I have this semester to make it the best yet. One of the nicest things about Holy Cross is that Senior year there are tons of events to join together as class, make new memories, and reflect on our four years on The Hill.

So with my journey at Holy Cross coming to a close, there are a few things I’m definitely looking forward to that will fill up the last chapter of my book of Holy Cross memories and accomplishments.

-Attending the 100 Days Ball. Hm I wonder if the legends are true of having a Top Ten list…
-St. Patricks Day. Easily one of the best holidays at Holy Cross. Purple and GREEN.
-The senior spring break trip, every senior group of friends takes one! My friends and I are going to Florida πŸ™‚
-Writing a capstone thesis paper and presenting it at an academic conference. The culmination of my Studies in World Literatures major.
-Senior week. The week of senior only events after exams and before graduation. I can’t even imagine, this will be the last time we have events together as a class before we part separate ways.
-Landing a job. I’ve already started networking so hopefully the Holy Cross alumni network will pull through! I think this will be my greatest accomplishment. Aside from….
-….Graduating with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Studies in World Literatures on May 24, 2013 (hopefully cum laude). Wow, it feels so surreal writing this!

While I’m looking forward to all of these events and milestones in my life, its definitely bittersweet. Like I said its the semester of “lasts.” And while this may be the last time I get to be a student at Holy Cross, I know my Holy Cross life will continue far beyond the gates of this campus. Being a Holy Cross Alumni is a whole other story. I know once I graduate my connection to this school and the friends I have made here will not end and this is precisely why I love Holy Cross.

I bet you’ve heard the phrase “the value of a liberal arts education” a few times. To most this simply means learning many disciplines, taking courses in every subject, learning to think from multiple perspectives. While all of this is true, I think my Holy Cross experience, particularly through my major, has helped embody this phrase in a unique way.

When i tell people I am a Studies in World Literatures major, the first thing I get asked is that even a real major? Did you self design your major? To clarify, STWL is in fact a real major, which consists of reading, analyzing, and comparing literature and texts from different societies and cultures. Not only do I read literature, but my liberal arts experience at Holy Cross has allowed me to expand my knowledge of literature and the human experience far beyond words found in a book. I’ve learned to analyze the human experience and gain insight into human psychology in ways far deeper than I ever imagined. The courses I have taken have given me such a profound depth of knowledge about humans and the literature we create. Essentially, I am learning about the deepest parts of human psychology and experience as literature exists as an expression of human emotion.

I’ve studied Muslim and Christian art through out history, read ancient Russian fairytales, studied French Cinema, delved into the depths of the Philosophy of Literature, studied Feminist Literary criticism, listened to opera and musical stylings of literature through the Romantic Movement, taken studio art and printmaking bringing literature and expression into yet another artistic form.

I can honestly say my educational journey through my four years at Holy Cross has been a completely transformative experience. I am not the same person I was as a freshman. I have gained so much insight and knowledge by studying these different literatures, forms of expression, fictional characters, and societies and cultures. I’ve learned to question my own beliefs and think about who I am as a person. Instead of viewing a situation simply from my own personal point of view, I’ve learned to think outside the box, ponder situations from multiple perspectives and through the influences of art, music, film, and literature. I’ve also learned a greater sense of self expression for myself and I’ve become an excellent communicator.

Furthermore, Holy Cross has afforded me the opportunity to take my liberal arts and STWL education beyond the classroom, into Worcester, and into my own life. I think most importantly my major has taught me about the different facets of human experience. I have learned to understand people, sense how they feel, and why they are compelled to do certain things. This translates everyday into my life and I consider this one of the greatest gifts Holy Cross has given me for I feel I have become a better person. I have become a better friend, a more caring daughter, a nicer stranger. I have become a people person and my studies have allowed me to feel greater compassion for others and become more aware of my own actions and how they affect others. I now find myself wanting to understand others so I can help them in their lives. The Jesuit ideals of men and women for others comes to my mind.

Compared to myself as a freshman, I have made tremendous personal growth. I am so thankful for everything Holy Cross has given me, my liberal arts education and STWL major being just one of them.


It’s December which means tons of things are happening around campus, especially for seniors. December is not only the holiday season and the end of first semester classes, but its the month of Senior Ball!! Senior Ball is the first of the two senior dances hosted by HC at the Worcester DCU Center. The second dance, called 100 Days Ball, happens second semester marking 100 days until graduation and is exclusive to HC seniors only.

There was so much anticipation building up to this dance. Everyone knows about Senior Ball and you spend four years imagining what it will be like. In the weeks leading up to Senior Ball there was tons of buzz in the air. All the girls talk about buying dresses (typical) and then theres the whole excitement of possibly being asked by a date. More than anything in the weeks leading up to Senior Ball I’d say the feeling was simply happy. Senior Ball was the first time we really got to celebrate our four years and progress at Holy Cross with an event. It was definitely a night to remember.

My friends and I had so much fun getting ready and we had a pre-party in our room with our friends and neighbors. Shuttles then took us to the DCU Center where there was a dinner and tons of dancing and music. The dance was exciting. While there is a dance or two freshman/sophomore year in Hogan, Holy Cross never puts on a formal event in a venue until senior year. Personally I think every grade should have one formal dance every year. It was such a great bonding experience!

Here are some pics!

Halloween spirit definitely overtakes the campus in October and the week leading up to Halloween. The school puts on tons of Halloween themed events and everyone dresses up for parties. Its kind of an extravaganza, people dress up almost every night the weekend leading up to Halloween.

This year my friends and I went to the Healy Haunted House. Each year Healy, an underclassmen dorm, puts on a haunted house/maze in the basement of the dorm. My friends and I were feeling nostalgic, and since we had never been, we decided to go. We’re actually a bunch of little girls, we hate horror movies! Notheless we went to the haunted house. It was actually pretty fun! Definitely a memory for me and my roommates because we were grabbing onto each other and running through the maze louder than any other group. Each room was a different scene. There was one similar to The Ring, an insane asylum, and a chainsaw chaser. It’s acted out by real HC students so now we joke about the haunted house and are so gad we went.

After that we went back to Williams and met up with our friends before heading to parties. Two of our alumni friends were actually visiting who graduated last year. It was SO amazing to see them and go out with them like old times. After blaring music in our room and dancing for a good hour we headed to a party off campus and the night went from there!

On the actual day of Halloween, which happened to be a Wednesday, my roomies and I dressed as hippies.

Hippies and an Indian!

Since it was a Wednesday we went to a local bar with tons of other HC students, mostly juniors and seniors. It’s awesome going to a bar with the HC community. You know enough people, but not too many so each time you go out you see familiar faces and encounter someone new!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my festivities. Hope you had a spooky Halloween too!

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